Trent Giumelli
CEO, Giumelli Group

“Just Do It! Don’t hesitate. Take the plunge. You won’t be disappointed.”

Robert Gamble

“As a newcomer to Virtual Angel Hub, I would like to thank Barbara and her team for their patience and professionalism in getting my company started with a VA. The initial set up training videos were easy to follow and very informative. In fact, even if I wasn’t going to proceed with getting a VA, the knowledge obtained in the videos has already paid dividends.”

Svetlana Burckhardt

“It’s worth it!! just do it! Be organize and know your strength and weakness and deligate your weakness to your virtual Angel.”

Maria Golding

“Ronron is doing extremely well. She shows great organisational skills, and initiative. I’m so pleased with our working relationship, and what we’ve achieved so far.”

Lauren Jobson

“Thanks to Deric for your amazing work for me over the past 12 months!! I look forward to 2017 with you! Great communication, honesty and efficiency with the work. Thank you!”

Julia Cartwright

“I have had a great year with Sheeka.”

Tabitha McIntosh
Founder & Director Awaken Your Health

“I realised I couldn’t keep up with it all & needed to find a sustainable solution, fast. Virtual Angel Hub proved to be the perfect solution – practical & quick to implement.”

Wendy Mak

“After many false starts with VA’s that just didn’t work out I found Virtual Angel Hub was the solution I was looking for! I can just get on with running my business and working with my VA without having to worry about tracking her time and wondering how to upskill her on the latest digital marketing trends.”

Donna Wild

“Do it! Get a VA and get a VA with VAH. I previously had an amazing VA for 1.5 years who I found elsewhere but I didn’t have the tools or the support to fully reap the benefits of that working relationship in the way that I do with VAH.”

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

“My VA is knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. I’m taking my business to new heights and have time to enjoy my family again. Virtual Angel Hub has made a huge difference in my business and life!”

Kim Payne

“Nothing I have seen to date has come close to the experience I have had with my ‘angel’ from Virtual Angel Hub – this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!!!!!”

Lisa Malnar

“I am now able to focus on the things that are income producing and really what I love, instead of the dreaded ‘back office’ work. I will be forever grateful for VAH and especially Barbara Turley for this amazing resource to business owners like myself.”

Abigail Ireland

“I think it really depends on where you want to take your business. If anything, give it a go! For me, it was a no-brainer to get a VA to help to build the business, because of what I want to achieve and because I recognised that I couldn’t do it all on my own. Well, I could – but it would mean a much more stressful, less enjoyable and slower path to progression. I prefer to have fun with my work and I believe that having a VA has allowed me to enjoy my business a lot more and stay focused on the big picture.”

Pip McKay

“If you really want to solve business problems and free yourself to do what you are passionate about it is worth investing the time and money into having a VA. It will enhance you ability to think in a systematised way and professionalise every aspect of your business.”

Jacqueline McMahon
Jacqui M Consulting

“Marj is a great girl shows great initiative and works very hard for me. I am very happy with the quality of work and output I am. I am very happy with her great work ethic and attitude.”


Gemma Nichols

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Caroline.”

Janet Kafadar

“I don’t see him as a VA anymore, he’s an integral part of the team.”

Kirstin Bouse

“My VA is producing excellent work while I focus on the parts of the business I need to.”

Kyriacos Christodoulou

“Jeffrey understands our needs and responds to them diligently and makes our CRM and digital life easier and more streamlined. In short, he is excellent at what he does.”