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Productivity Tips

10 Simple and Easy to Follow Productivity Tips

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 So much to do, but just can’t seem to FOCUS and get things done? Staying productive can be a challenge whether it be at work or at home. But there are simple and easy ways to stay prolific, stay focused and get things done!       Check out this SlideShare Presentation for a Bonus Productivity […]

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Setting Expectations with Virtual Teams

Setting Expectations with Virtual Teams

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One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to thinking about outsourcing is “What can i expect from virtual teams?” If you’ve never worked in a virtual environment before and are trying to make the jump then this can be a very daunting question where the answer largely depends on your ability […]

How to Fire Yourself From Your Business

How to Fire Yourself from your Business in 5 Simple Steps

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Having a baby? Hiking Machu Pichu? Intensive Business Mastermind? Illness? Whichever it is for you, being stuck in all the ‘doing’ of the day to day operations of your business can ruin any chance at gaining the entrepreneurial freedom needed to fully honour such important life events.     So what is one to do? Do […]

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How Maria Golding Aced Her Intuitive Motherhood ‘Product Launch Formula’ with the Help of a Virtual Assistant

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Maria Golding, Creator of Intuitive Motherhood Programs, Motherhood Mentor, Mental Health Professional and Previous Midwife,  brings her mothering wisdom to create programs that support, nourish and connect Mamas and families everywhere. She helps mothers transform their guilt and disconnection to feeling vibrantly alive and gorgeously wise in motherhood, along with the skills to help their child […]


A Look at Virtual Angel Hub’s Client Satisfaction: VA Feedback December 2016 Ratings

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“Thanks Deric for your amazing work for me over the past 12 months!! I look forward to 2017 with you! Great communication, honesty and efficiency with the work. Thank you!”   At Virtual Angel Hub, we are open to giving and ‘receiving’ effective and constructive feedback and believe that   In last month’s average feedback […]

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Is it Time to Jump Aboard the Social Media Scheduler Train?

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Social media can be pretty overwhelming. From creating your content, scheduling your posts, engaging with followers, repurposing content to data analytics… This list could go on and we haven’t even touched the surface!     Whether you’re running your own biz or managing the social media accounts of your clients, you need to find the […]

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How Giumelli Group are Revolutionising How People Invest in Real Estate with the Help of their Virtual Assistant

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Trent Giumelli, CEO of Giumelli Group, is a highly driven, passionate, honest, dedicated, loving, optimistic person who thrives on teaching others the secrets of Real Estate through 18+ years of experience in property investing and development. Q: Tell Us A Bit About Your Business and Your Grand Vision? A: Real Estate Development company revolutionising the […]

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How Svetlana Burckhardt’s Personalized Beauty Treatments and High Attention to Detail created the Perfect Brow Arch for Every Client with the help of her Virtual Assistant

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Svetlana Burckhardt is the Director of EyebrowExperts in Sydney and author of the recently released book ‘Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen’. Svetlana is a guru of both brows and waxing (famously known for her incredible 7 minute Brazilian!) and is very well recognized in the field of beauty and how her Virtual Assistant has […]

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Empowering Women and Children Globally to Embrace a Plant-based diet

How Donna Wild & her Virtual Assistant are Empowering Women and Children Globally to Embrace a Plant-based diet… Fuss Free.

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Donna Wild stands for empowering women and children globally to embrace a plant-based diet. An author, a current Australian Latin dance cup champion and a mother. She runs a website called Wild Donna where she supports Mums and their families to thrive on a plant based diet. Q: Tell Us A Bit About Your Business […]

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How Dr. Nina is Helping People Win The Diet War Online While Her Virtual Assistant Makes Sure She Wins with Ontraport

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Recognized as a thought leader in eating psychology, Dr. Nina’s work in helping people win the diet war online has been widely published across a variety of media, most notably The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Prevention and Real Simple. Let’s dig in how Dr. Nina got her TIME back while her virtual assistant makes […]

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Investing in A Great Virtual Assistant
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How Virtual Assistants Exploded My Business And Led to the Perfect Pivot

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Have you ever heard of someone launching an accidental business? Perhaps you’ve seen someone perform a business pivot that changed everything! Well, that’s exactly what happened to me! I’m Barbara Turley, Founder & Director of Virtual Angel Hub. While coaching entrepreneurs to create more scalable businesses I realized pretty quickly that the key problem so […]